Disney’s Secret Vegan Friendly Menu

Vegan Popcorn in Disney
Jeremy Shapiro Enjoying Vegan Popcorn in Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

Disneyland and Disney World have tons of food to keep the whole family happy, but I recently discovered they also have food to keep us vegan folk fat, happy, fed and loving Disney.

What follows are far from healthy options, but they are vegan options. On second thought, Disney doesn’t have much for healthy food, no matter what you eat.

Any place that serves food also has a small binder with all ingredients, allergen warnings and more. Even the popcorn cart has a binder and YES the popcorn IS vegan! (win!)

For their sit-down venues that take reservations, you can call ahead and Disney Guest Services will be accommodate you.

Vegan Burgers in Disney WorldFor main meals, most of their places that server burgers (like Tomorrowland) have veggie burgers which are totally vegan and tasty fresh fries. They even have gluten-free buns if you need those. Make sure you ask for a vegan bun, as their standard buns now have milk in them. You can also find vegan flat breads (Frontierland) and vegan chili (Liberty Square).

For snacks, the main street old fashioned ice cream parlor has both soy based ice cream and rice based. Don’t hate ’em until you try ’em. The chocolate soy ice cream was outstanding and nothing beats watching the parade while eating a tall ice cream cone.

Additionally, the aforementioned popcorn is vegan.

If you’re hitting up Epcot, some of your best options are in Morocco where their falafel, hummus, etc… are filling, delicious and vegan. Some of their sides have dairy or egg, though, so make sure to ask. Again, most all the staff are really knowledgeable, allergen friendly, and if all else fails, they have their book of ingredients so you’ll know for sure.

Vegetarian Guide to Disney WorldAfter writing this post from my first hand experience, further research online linked me to some other more comprehensive reviews that I didn’t know about before going to Disneyland and Disney World as a vegan, such as following a Buddhist vegan through 9 Days of Vegan Eating in Disney, a complete park by park listing of vegan friendly eats, an entire book on eating vegetarian in Disney and even a photo journal of vegan dishes from all over Disney.

3 thoughts on “Disney’s Secret Vegan Friendly Menu”

  1. The veggie burgers at Disneyland Resort CA are no longer vegan. They all contain eggs and the bun does as well. In Tomorrow land at the Tomorrow Land Terrace there is a vegan when modified (order without pesto) vegetable sandwich. There is also a vegetable po boy in Adventure Land at the River Belle Terrace. Ask for the gluten free bun, regular bun is not vegan.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the on-the-ground update, Robin! That’s really good to know! Any other Disney Vegan secrets? 🙂

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