Integrating Infusionsoft Links with WordPress

Wouldn’t it be cool if your landing pages that Infusionsoft tracking links and web form thank you page redirects go to could be personalized?

Until now, there wasn’t a WordPress plugin that let you do such a thing.

Infusionsoft allows you to create tracking links and include customer information such as their name and email address in the query string of the URL. Infusionsoft also allows your web forms to redirect to a thank you page on your site and include the web form data in the redirect link.

The challenge is that WordPress sites can SEE this data at the end of the URL , but can’t DO anything with it. So I wrote a plugin that can.

With URL Params, you can insert a urlparam shortcode to capture the query string paramaters in the URL, like FirstName. And, since sometimes there are multiple ways to share the same variable (I’m looking at you Infusionsoft and your inconsistencies!) you can even specify “backup” parameters.

For example… Let’s say you want to start a landing page by greeting the person by name. You could enter something like this:

Greetings, [ urlparam param=”FirstName, Contact0FirstName, inf_field_FirstName” default=”Friend” /]!

This would greet the visitor by their first name. If you’re using a NEW Infusionsoft Web Form (using the fancy drag and drop builder) the first name will be in inf_field_FirstName. If you’re using an old school Infusionsoft Web Form, it will be in Contact0FirstName. If you’re adding their info to a tracking link, the first name will be in FirstName. If none of those are specified, they’ll be greeted with a generic “Friend.”

This is super handy when you redirect someone from an opt-in form to a longer opt-in form (two step opt-in) where you, for example, ask for first name and email address on your opt-in page, and then redirect to a longer application or order form. Now you can pre-fill in the form. And… if the visitor bails and never completes the second opt-in form and you send a follow up email with a tracking link for them to finish their application, you can, again, pre-fill in the parts of the form you know.

End Result? A better, more personalized experience for your wordpress website visitor.

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